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Methadone belongs to the category of drugs called opioid (narcotic) analgesics. It operates in the brain to change your body reaction and respond to pain. It was invented by the German doctor during world war second. It works the same as morphine does. It is available in powder, liquid, and tablet. One should take this medicine as per the prescription. Methadone might be habit-forming. Its results are slower than other strong painkillers like morphine. It is prescribed by a doctor if you are pain from injury chronic illness and surgery. It can also be helpful if you’re under treatment toward addiction to other opioids. It gives a similar response and prevents withdrawal symptoms. 


There is no set amount of its uses and dosage, the doctor tracks your response of the body and adjusts your treatment. If the time comes to stop taking, the doctor will help you with the right way to stop taking it slowly to prevent withdrawal. 

Side effects

Itchy skin

Shallow breathing


Heavy sweating

Sexual problems



Serious side effects. Visit your doctor if you have:


Trouble in breathing

Feel lightheaded

Feel faint


Swollen lips, throat, tongue, face

Chest pain 

Rapid heartbeat

Hallucination or feeling confused`


Storage and disposal of medicine


Keep this medication in the vessel you came in should be tightly closed, and keep out of reach of children. Store it at normal room temperature and put away from excess heat and moisture. Once it reaches its expiry date flush the medicine immediately and equip it with extra medication bundle as a back-up program. Do not giveaway methadone or prescribe anyone. You should talk to the doctor to know the proper disposal of your outdated or no-use medicine.


Symptoms of overdose


Loss of consciousness

Shallow breath

Cool, blue and calmly skin

Limp muscles


In case of overdose/emergency: Immediately call the emergency, number or visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Before taking this medicine


  • Inform your doctor or pharmacist if you are allergic to pain reliever, methadone, any other medications, or any of the elements in the methadone product. Request your pharmacist to check the Medication Guide for a list of the elements. 


  • Tell your full medical history or any herbal product you are taking


  • Tell your doctor if you fall under any conditions mentioned in the Important Warning section or ever treated for blockage in your intestine or paralytic ileus 


  • Share your pharmacist any prescribed or non-prescribed medicine you are under, any vitamins or any supplement you are taking or planning to take. 


  • Tell your doctor if you ever felt difficulty urinating; an enlarged prostate (a male reproductive gland); or thyroid, seizures, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, or kidney disease.


  • You should aware of the fact that this medicine may lower fertility in men and women. Discuss your doctor's risks of taking methadone.


  • If you are having any surgery including dental surgery, tell the specialist or dentist that you are using methadone.


  • This medication may make you feel drowsy. Do not drive a car or work on machinery and avoid any heavy work.

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