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Percocet contains a compound combination of oxycodone and acetaminophen. It is a combination of the opioid used to help relieve moderate to severe pain. Oxycodone works in your brain and changes the response pattern of your body towards pain, acetaminophen helps to recover from fever.


Useful Information

Avoid using Percocet if you have recently used, alcohol tranquilizers, sedatives or other narcotic medications. This medicine may be habit-forming can slow or stop you from breathing. Use dose as per your prescription and swallow the whole dose, never share Percocet with anyone. 

Misuse of this medicine can cause overdose, major effects, addiction or death. Never use medicine without prescription and do not give to children. 

Do not use more Percocet than is prescribed. An overdose of Percocet or can cause death. Visit your doctor if you have pain, nausea in your stomach, loss of appetite, itching, dark urine, clay stools, or yellowing of your skin or eyes. 

Before taking this medicine

You should share with your doctor if you are allergic to any medicine compound including oxycodone or acetaminophen or if you have:


  • breathing problems

  • blockage in your stomach 

  • liver disease

  • kidney disease

  • drug alcohol or drug alcohol

  • urination problems

  • head injury or seizure

  • urination problems

  • thyroid problems

  • pancreas problem

  • gallbladder problem


How to take Percocet 

Take this medicine as prescribed by your physician. Follow all directions on your prescription. Do not take Percocet in a larger amount, or longer than advised by your doctor. An overdose can harm your liver and may cause death. Inform your doctor if you develop an increased urge to use more dosage of this medicine.

Never sell your medicine, after expiry asks your medical health provider to know the right way to dispose of extra expiry medicine. Giving away or selling this medicine is against law.

If you are planning to use any supplement or you have an appointment for any surgery tell your doctor about your surgery and medical health provider about your surgery.

Never stop using Percocet suddenly. Tell your doctor that you want to stop this medication he/she will advise you the right way to stop the medicine. 



Store at room temperature away from heat and moisture. Maintain track of your medication. You are required to be aware if anyone is misusing it or using it without a prescription. Do not leave your medicine unused through your leftover medicine. Just one dose may become the cause for anyone death using this accidentally or improperly. Ask your pharmacist where to locate leftover opioids. 


Things to avoid while taking Percocet

  • Avoid driving

  • Avoid using heavy machinery

  • Avoid operating machines requires your focus


  1. Dizziness or drowsiness can cause several injuries, accidents.

  2. Stop using alcohol 

Side Effects

Get an appointment fix with your doctor if you feel any allergic reaction, difficulty breathing, face swallow, swelling in lips or throat. 

Percocet can stop your breathing too.

A person caring for you must be informed to get emergency help if you have slow breathing, blue colored lips, or hard to wake up. 

Common Percocet side effects include:

  • dizziness, feeling tired

  • drowsiness

  • headache

  •  nausea, stomach pain

  • vomiting

  • vomiting

  • blurred vision

  • itching or flushing;

  • dry mouth

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